A fishing measure that is also a small mat that protects the fish from abrasion or skin damage. The measured fish is protected from grass sand, stones etc. Clear, easy-to-read graduation with an accuracy of 0.5 centimetres at the top and 0.1 centimetres at the bottom of the mat. The start of the mat fitted with a rigid 'L' shaped aluminium angle to allow the fish to be measured correctly. When rolled up, the mat takes up very little space and can easily be kept in a larger pocket or backpack. The mat is made of reinforced, flexible decolith coated smooth. Decolite is a thin, polyester banner material with a non-priming PVC coating. It is 100% water, weather and scratch resistant. It is very easy to clean, non-absorbent, does not absorb any odours and can be used with detergents.

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