Excellent quality anchors for reinforcing spinning lures, Japanese braided lines, swivels and linking rings, as well as our gem - a pike leader made of titanium braided line. All fishing accessories have been carefully selected and tested in battle on many fishing expeditions. We are proud to present the most important items of fishing equipment. All in one place



    Our accessories are top quality products, making fishing easier and thus making your time outdoors more enjoyable. These are essential parts of every spinning angler's kit. Excellent quality link rings, safety pins and swivels.


    Super strong JMC ADVENTURE anchor, made very carefully from high quality steel. Ideally suited for reinforcing lures, live bait or reinforcing rebar. The hardened and chemically sharpened blades are extremely sharp, pleasing the user with their long life.


    Strong, limp, durable and with no memory for shape - JMC fishing braids have been a hit in recent seasons. The range ranges from ultra-thin braids for perch to thick braids for pike. Japanese braided lines for zander are our top pick. Spinnig braids are available in a range of sizes and colours for perch and large predators - fish the way you want to.

    Pike leaders made from titanium braided line. Excellent quality titanium leaders for pike. Unique braided titanium leaders. Reliable, durable and effective. Allows reinforcement of both large and heavy jerkbaits and the finest filigree crankbaits.

    The powerful JMC Adventure landing net. Made especially for the needs of anglers hunting the biggest specimens. - The strong and stable construction, allows you to pick up even a fiercely fighting fish with confidence. The large, deep and sturdy fishing landing net, purchased from our shop, has a multitude of uses and, thanks to the folding option, is very ergonomic. Two sizes, two sizes and a whole lot of uses.


    A fishing measure that is also a small mat that protects the fish from abrasion or skin damage. The measured fish is protected from grass sand, stones etc. Clear, easy-to-read graduation with an accuracy of 0.5 centimetres at the top and 0.1 centimetres at the bottom of the mat. The start of the mat fitted with a rigid 'L' shaped aluminium angle to allow the fish to be measured correctly. When rolled up, the mat takes up very little space and can easily be kept in a larger pocket or backpack. The mat is made of reinforced, flexible decolith coated smooth. Decolite is a thin, polyester banner material with a non-priming PVC coating. It is 100% water, weather and scratch resistant. It is very easy to clean, non-absorbent, does not absorb any odours and can be used with detergents.

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Fishing accessories: what fishing accessories will you need to start your extraordinary fishing adventure? Certainly a swivel, which is a metal device that prevents the line from twisting, and a safety pin made of wire, used to fix and replace an artificial lure or leader. Speaking of leaders, this is an important point when assembling fishing accessories. The titanium braided leaders we sell are guaranteed to be reliable. Braided line is a colourless line, much stronger than ordinary fishing line, to which a hook, float or sometimes a sinker is attached. In our offer you will also find solid landing nets and top quality anchors. All these fishing accessories are at your fingertips - we offer you top quality products that will not fail you even in the most difficult conditions. Three words that describe our accessories for sure are: power, durability and strength. See for yourself!